Thursday, March 26, 2009

Im sick of smiling. and so is my jaw

So yesterday i was talking to my friend Andrew and asked him about his girlfriend. and so i was like well is she skinny, and he was like yeah shes like your size! He knows the way to a girl's heart. Anyhoo, bamboozle is soon. thirty days i believe. You know what that means?! My birthday is soon! (: but this year i get to spend my whole birthday weekend in DC watching my sister graduate. woo fucking hoo. Can never be just about me can it? NOPE. If anyone wants to be a doll, they'll buy me this for my birthday

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Ill love youre guts til the end of time. I want it to take cutepictures with my boyfriend. and other people, then line my wall with them. =] similar to mitchell Davis. anyhoo. OH, if you love me again, youll get me this for my birthday:

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I want it, so i can put lame ass clinky phone charms on it (: woohooo. or you cant vuy me a cat! Make that two, Cyrus JR, and muffins. Whatever, im out.