Saturday, August 15, 2009


I want your opinions!
Starbucks coffee or dunkin donuts?
I personally prefer starbucks java chips. But DD's coffe.

So long Astoria.

So i havent updated in forever. Boo, sorry. ): i have a lot to update about! I moved! I love my new town and place, my room is awesome. ill make a post about it laterr. And I got a job! Its this place called Primas. The people are so chill and its really laid back. I love it. Hmmmm lets see. Today i woke up at 8 am to go to the grand opening of forever 21 in our mall. Me and Alexa got freee gift cards! I got these sick ass glasses.<3 theyre like metal legs and all vinage! I adore them. But i also got a tube top which is super cute. Then i went to barnes and noble! I got a new james patterson book and an ellen hopkins book i love her work. I also saw this bag and it made me thing of my best friends!<3 It said "My best friend is the kind of friend who would give me a book i never read"