Friday, December 18, 2009

In sooth i know not why i am so sad.

I'm a sad panda lately and i'm not sure why. I feel like i don't really have someone good to talk to about life. Don't get me wrong, i adore my friends and can talk to them, but not about my home life or shit that bothers me. I think i need a therapist. Mad shit just erks me lately. And i feel like shit constantly. I truly hate how life is a game of appearances. It's a game that quite frankly i will never win. There's always someone skinnier, prettier, and more stylish than you. And that's life. There's always that girl that your boyfriend would rather be with. And then it's like, well why is he with me? And not these other more perfect girls? It makes no sense. I want to be done with this life. and reincarnated into a better more fulfilled one.

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  1. That's what reinvention is about baby girl. Life is what you make it into. Yeah, you might get some shitty cards, but it's how you play them that matters. Screw boys who don't realize that they are lucky to be with you. You are beautiful, and sexy, and smart, and crazy, and wonderful, and amazing, and the list goes on and on. If I were straight I would propose marriage myself. Just keep on truckin, and if you ever just want to have coffee and talk, you've got my cell phone number.... although I don't have yours cuz my blackberry is gay and deleted all my contacts :/