Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have plenty of friends, but i've come to realize that i only have a few people i consider to be really good friends. Sometimes it makes me sad that i dont have that group of people who are all friends and all hang out. But i enjoy hanging out with all my friends seperately. I've also realized that all of my friends are very different, and i talk to each of them about very different things. Dana, i talk to about everything, except like alot of shit at home. Bub, i talk to about life ahaha, but he's also the only person i actually tell my at home problems to, mad trust in bub. Nicole and Sami i talk about the most typical things. Like guys, and dumb shit in my life. Jon, i trust with everything, and he is one of my best friends, but i dont talk to him about anything... Idk why but i feel like he would think im like a pussy or something, and i just hate seeming like vulnerable i guess? Idk.. whatever

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