Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you've got a quarter, you can stick it my neck.

God i miss saves the day, they have got to be one of the greatest bands known to man(: ho hum, today was a pretty shit day. I can never find a nice outfit. Soo, i looked like shit and lost my favorite lipgloss which immediately put me in a bad mood. I learned, that i am a bitch hahaha. Sami and Nikki said i'll say anything about anyone without caring, which is true so i guess that makes me a bitch? whatevs. Im a go hard gym player. But today we were getting lectured about being late, so i was mocking the teacher and he mocked me back. And he got in like a pissing contest with me i was like lol wut!? Then as i continued, he said i was rude and nasty and he has no respect for me! I was dying. He can suck it! Lolll so when i get home i was talking to jon and his best friend and his gf were arguing about something. And i was like saying how i get what shes saying and coming from and he was like whatever. LAWLZ. I love this kid, but i swear he hates me, i really think he does. I dont blame him, i'm a dickk. whatever! Ho hum, im waiting for Andres to get tha fuck online so we can vchat! wtff So i added mad keychains to my keyring, its huge now I want a LV tote bag SOOOO BADDDDD. )): Ill write more laterrr im sleepy

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